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Antibacterial vs Virucidal Products

Bacteria and viruses are the most common causes of disease in humans. When you touch a surface, shake hands, or are exposed to someone's sneeze, you come into contact with new bacteria and potentially new viruses which can enter the body through mouth, nose, or eyes.

We have all been overloaded with information on coronavirus. We know Coronavirus is an enveloped virus, however the demand for antibacterial products has quadrupled since the start of lock down. What are we buying antibacterial products to remove and kill Coronavirus? Do we know the difference between bacteria and viruses?

On the biological level, bacteria are living organisms. They reproduce by splitting in half, and some can double their numbers every 20 minutes. That's why, although they are small, bacteria can have a big impact on our health. Most of bacterial are friendly bacteria and we need to them in our body to assist us with our gut function.

Viruses, on the other hands aren't considered to be living organisms, as they need a host cell to reproduce. Like bacteria, viruses spread when they come in contact with the host.

Despite their difference, Research has found that proper hand washing reduces the number of bacteria and viruses by both killing them and removing them from the skin. The use a hand sanitiser with 70% alcohol is also recommend if soap and water are not available.

If soap and water are recommended as the first line of defence, why do we buy anti-bacterial soap or anti-bacterial washing up liquid to kill and remove bacteria and viruses?

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