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Protecting Products, Ensuring Safety: Your Regulatory Compliance Experts

Protecting Your Products, Ensuring Consumer Safety

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Connect for Compliance brings extensive and diverse expertise to clients facing a wide range of

Regulatory, Health & Safety, Compliance and product safety challenges.

European and UK consumer Regulations are among the most heavily regulated products/regulations in the market place.

C4C offers complete regulatory advisory support for consumer products sold in the UK and EU. C4C can provide expert regulatory advice and support to minimise the impact of EU Exit on your business operations.

The Regulatory expertise covers cosmetics, personal care, biocides, household cleaning, detergents and medical devices.

If you are unsure about the consumer product regulations, product development, registration costing and budgeting; C4C is the ideal partner with the comprehensive knowledge and expertise to ensure your products are safe and your business is protected & compliant

C4C provides full support for your business with the EU exit planning, business contingency plan and a smooth transition of EU Regulations to UK Regulations

C4C leads and coaches your business whether it is a start- up or a well-established firm with support and direction with obtaining and retaining ISO9001 & BRC accreditations. We can assist you with your business continuous improvement mission, EU Exit and the new UK Regulations during and after EU Exit transition. 


Your Assurance of Compliance

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to address the diverse needs of businesses across industries

Business Presentation

Product Safety Consulting

We help you identify and mitigate potential product safety hazards through thorough risk assessments, developing robust product safety plans, and ensuring compliance with testing requirements.

Sale Branding

Labeling Consulting

We assist you in creating compliant and informative product labels that adhere to the latest regulatory requirements, providing clear instructions and safety warnings to protect consumers.

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Regulatory Compliance Consulting

Our team of experts guides you through the labyrinth of product safety regulations, ensuring that your products meet all applicable standards, from labeling and packaging to manufacturing processes.104:37

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